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April 23, 2010

MTV Gives a Breakdown of the New Eclipse Trailer — Spoilers

From MTV:

Many in the “Twi­light” fan com­mu­nity thought they’d have to wait until this after­noon to the brand-new “Eclipse” trailer on “The Oprah Win­frey Show.” But Oprah in her infi­nite gen­eros­ity posted it on her Web site as soon as her show aired in Chicago (at 9 a.m. CT). And now we can all deter­mine whether this sec­ond look at “Eclipse” has resolved any the prob­lems there were with the first one.

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Most impor­tant, this new trailer high­lights the the vio­lence of “Eclipse,” and a lot of it. While the first teaser focused on the love tri­an­gle between Bella (Kris­ten Stew­art), Edward (Robert Pat­tin­son) and Jacob (Tay­lor Laut­ner), this one is all about the threat bad-girl vam­pire Vic­to­ria (Bryce Dal­las Howard) is pos­ing with her new­born vam­pire army.

The trailer kicks off with Jacob con­fronting Bella and Edward at their school. “Jacob, what are you doing?” Bella asks him. “I’m here to warn you,” he replies, adding as he looks at Edward, “She has a right to know.” The ten­sion between the three of them is pro­nounced, set­ting up that dynamic with­out hav­ing to ded­i­cate an entire trailer to it.

While Edward nar­rates the “sit­u­a­tion in Seat­tle” for Bella, the trailer shows a man being attacked by a vam­pire on the dark streets of the city. Con­tin­ued shots of new­born vam­pires trash­ing cars and caus­ing havoc are spliced with the Cul­lens plan­ning their response. “Sounds pretty alarm­ing,” Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) says.

Finally there are some clear shots of the new vam­pires climb­ing over what looks like an unused lum­ber yard and walk­ing up to a body of water. Then there’s a close-up shot of Riley (Xavier Samuel), their leader. “They’re com­ing here,” Alice (Ash­ley Greene) foresees.

“This means an ugly fight, with lives lost,” Carlisle tells an unseen per­son, and then Jacob replies, “We’re in.” The next scene shows the were­wolf pack walk­ing out of the woods, for the first time show­ing the alliance between the vam­pires and were­wolves. “As long as we get to kill some vam­pires,” Jacob adds while look­ing at Edward.

This trailer also shows the Vol­turi as a pre­sid­ing force over the bat­tle between the new­borns and Cullen/Quileute team. It’s a bit sur­pris­ing that the vam­pire elite have been fea­tured so much in both trail­ers, con­sid­er­ing they have a fairly small role in the actual novel. For­tu­nately, after their brief moment in the trailer, the much-hyped epic “Eclipse” bat­tle is shown, and plenty of vio­lence ensues.

In the midst of the final bat­tle scene, a scene with Edward press­ing an engage­ment ring into Bella’s hand is cut in, show­ing that the edi­tors of this trailer didn’t for­get the romance that accom­pa­nies the action-packed plot.

In the last 20 sec­onds of the trailer, Vic­to­ria runs through the woods, away from what seems to be Edward. Then we see the wolf pack leap into the fight, in a shot rem­i­nis­cent of Jacob’s trans­for­ma­tion at the end of the “New Moon” trailer.

Unlike the first “Eclipse” teaser, this newest trailer will give view­ers an ade­quate idea of what they have to expect from the third install­ment of “The Twi­light Saga.” Judg­ing by the great action scenes shown in this newest video, “Eclipse” might con­vert some new fans to the “Saga” after all.



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