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April 30, 2010

Eclipse Spoilers from BooBoo Stewart

On the Red Carpet has published a recent interview, complete with video with Eclipse co-star BooBoo Stewart.

BooBoo Stewart plays werewolf Seth Clearwater in the upcoming third Twilight film, Eclipse, and recently shared some spoilers about the anticipated film, set for release on June 30.

The film also sees the return of the love triangle made up of Robert Pattinson as the vampire Edward, Kristen Stewart as his mortal love Bella and Taylor Lautner as the werewolf Jacob. Find out what happens in Eclipse and also watch a recent new trailer for the film!

BooBoo, 16, said that in Eclipse, Clearwater “helps defeat Riley, which is really the strong newborn vampire … and the big battle in the end, which is awesome – I get to rip someone’s arm off.”

The actor made his comments to On The Red Carpet’s Chris Balish at the recent premiere for the movie remake of thriller A Nightmare on Elm Streetin Los Angeles.

Eclipse, BooBoo said, will also probably appeal to more than just the vampire franchise’s predominantly female fanbase.

“Now there’s going to be action so now the ‘Twilight’ fans – they all have their boyfriends and stuff, so now they’re going to really like it even more.”

Click link below for the interview with BooBoo Stewart!




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