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October 4, 2010

Why You Need to Listen to Director's Commentary on 'Remember Me' DVD

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  • In the opening Tyler scene, Rob’s tumble thru the window was his idea. They liked how it humanized him and made it a little comical.
  • They knew, bc of Rob’s rep with teens, the line “I can do teens” was going to be a laugh.
  • Rob would pick up the physical traits of the actors he was working with and Allen felt it was a delightful quality. Allen pointed out when Emily bites her lip at the carnival on their date and Rob does the same. When she tells him she’s 21.
  • Then Emily does a shoulder thing after he gives her the dessert first in his apartment and Rob does a shoulder thing too.
  • When Emily had to throw up, Rob almost laughs. He was amused by her getting sick. LOL
  • Allen loved the sex scene. Felt it was tender and erotic and he wanted them to have sex a 3rd time but time, money, and MPAA prevented it. Allen felt them making love, then waking to make love again showed the vigors of youth. He thought Rob and Emily looked beautiful in the scene.
  • Allen was impressed with Rob weeping after he gets attacked by Ally’s dad. He liked how Rob broke down.

There’s so much more too…if you haven’t already, you MUST listen to the director commentary from Remember Me. It’s insightful of Rob’s acting style, his overall personality, & the characterization of Tyler and company.

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October 2, 2010

Robert Pattinson in 'Ciak' Magazine (Italy)

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Robert Pattinson beyond the Twilight saga. Escaping from the condition of Matinee Idol

(Almost) every movie teen idol went through this, from Johnny Depp to Leonardo DiCaprio: having achieved success with a series of films or TV programs aimed at younger audiences, were they called 21 Jump Street or the blockbuster Titanic, afterwards they had to prove their real acting value confronting themselves with more difficult and mature roles, even succeeding in being nominated at the Oscars (and not just once). In the United States male stars flattered by fans as that are known by a term, “Matinee idol”, that comes even from Rudolph Valentino’s time and that indicates the young age of the fans who, since they can’t go to the cinema at night, crowd the theaters on the first show of the afternoon (that is the Matinée). No doubt Robert Pattinson is the contemporary matinée idol who, as many colleagues before him (even less lucky, like River Phoenix or Christian Slater) with the explosion of the Twilight saga has found himself in the eye of the storm, besieged by fans and paparazzi and constantly on the covers of the tabloids. Now, while the saga moves towards the two final episodes of Breaking Dawn (which November 16, 2012 will establish the end of the cycle based on Stephenie Meyer’s books) Pattinson is trying to build himself a future choosing roles that are different from the vampire Edward Cullen. For his first step towards emancipation and the new career post-Twilight, the British actor has chosen Remember Me, a family drama directed by a veteran of TV series as Allen Coulter, who has worked on the Sopranos, Sex and the City, and Nurse Jackie, and soon on the upcoming series about the prohibition signed also by Scorsese, Broadwalk Empire (from September 18 on HBO in America). As a further guarantee to get out of the condition of matinée ido,l Pattinson has then wanted for Remember Me a high level surround with veterans such as Chris Cooper (Oscar in 2003 for Adaptation), Pierce Brosnan, Lena Olin and the new Lost star Emilie de Ravin. The result is a definitely good movie, in which Pattinson, with his interpretation of the rebel Tyler Hawkins, looks straight towards another great matinée idol as James Dean and his tormented acting in Rebel without a cause. Obviously, the comparison works just partially since the two guys, although the age is the same in both movies (24), can’t definitely be associated, the distance is still too much. However Remember me remains a good attempt to come out of the gothic sphere of Twilight, not a movie for twilighters or twi-hards, but one that can be enjoyed by everyone waiting for the other moves of R-Pattz, rapidly escaping from the condition of teen idol, called Bel-Ami, ambitious transposition of Guy de Maupassant with which he will have to stand up to females like Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, and Uma Thurman, and Water for Elephant,s in which he will have to confront two Oscar winners like Christoph Waltz and Reese Whiterspoon. Life’s hard for the matinée idol.

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September 29, 2010

The Making of 'Remember Me'-8 Videos

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September 28, 2010

"Remember Me" DVD Sales Reach the $10 Million Mark in US

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DVD Sales Performance

Released on DVD: June 22, 2010

DVD Units Sold: 550,599

Consumer Spending: $10,035,122

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DVD Cover for Spanish Version of 'Remember Me'

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September 24, 2010

New/Old Video: Exclusive Interview with Rob for Remember Me

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September 19, 2010

Old/New Pic of Robert Pattinson at the Premiere of Remember Me

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September 15, 2010

Remember Me DVD Caps French Edition

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Fan Picture of Rob from Remember Me Promo in NYC

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September 7, 2010

Jennifer Lawrence “daydreams” about Robert Pattinson

Her­ald Scot­land has an inter­view with Jen­nifer Lawrence in which she men­tions Robert Pattinson.

It’s lunchtime and Jen­nifer Lawrence is curled up on a sofa in the Point Hotel, Edin­burgh. In town to pro­mote her new film, Winter’s Bone, which has just received its British pre­miere at the film fes­ti­val, she’s a lit­tle sleepy after a morn­ing of inter­views. Until, that is, she finds out I write for The Her­ald. “Is that in Harry Pot­ter?” she asks. “If it’s not, it should be.” Like most her age – she turned 20 last month – she’s read all the JK Rowl­ing books. Twice. “I’m a sucker for all those things. If I know some­thing about the UK, it’s because of Harry Pot­ter,” she says. “And then I got hit by the Twi­light train. I think it’s a female thing. There’s some sort of chem­i­cal in there.”

In truth it’s a Robert Pat­tin­son thing, the actor who played Cedric Dig­gory in the fourth Pot­ter film before fronting Twi­light. “I was immune to him until I saw Remem­ber Me,” she says. “Now I’m day­dream­ing about him.” Aside from R-Patz, Lawrence loves YouTube and real­ity tele­vi­sion shows such as Real House­wives Of New Jer­sey. “I was watch­ing Wife Swap and Super­nanny this morn­ing,” she says, excit­edly. “I’ve been watch­ing Super-nanny since I was 14, which is stu­pid because it’s for par­ents, but it makes me want to have kids to prove how good a mother I am.”

Feet firmly on the ground, she’s also in denial when it comes to the ques­tion of impend­ing star­dom. “I don’t really lie in bed think­ing, ‘One day I’ll become a super­star,’” she says. “Not that there’s any­thing wrong with that. But I don’t think that’s my career path. Mine will be more of a slower build. I think it would be sur­real if it was like Robert Pat­tin­son – all of a sud­den you wake up and peo­ple are scream­ing. But I’ve been work­ing for a while, so when you start to become suc­cess­ful, it’s not like all of a sud­den going, ‘What’s going on? Why does this per­son recog­nise me?’ It is a weird indus­try any­way – so I fit in perfectly.”

You can read the full inter­view here | Via Rplife
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