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October 4, 2010

WFE Extra Tommy Lukasewicz talks about Robert Pattinson

Actor Tommy Lukasewicz shared his story with Water for Ele­phants Film. Here’s a short clip from the inter­view where he men­tions Rob:

The cast on this film was A+. The young man we all know from the Twi­light series, Robert Pat­tin­son was spot on dur­ing every sin­gle emo­tion that was cap­tured on cam­era. He is a truly tal­ented indi­vid­ual and an all around nice guy. The man we all know from his inspir­ing role in Inglou­ri­ous Bas­terds, Christoph Waltz was noth­ing shy of inhu­man when he was act­ing, man this guy is incred­i­ble. I found myself gaz­ing at the beau­ti­ful, Reese With­er­spoon from time to time, whose work was some­thing of per­fec­tion in every glance. The role of Kinko, played by Mark Povinelli couldn’t have been played by a kinder, more good-hearted per­son. The sleeper in this film is a most inter­est­ing man named Jim Nor­ton, who played the role of Camel. I have a feel­ing when the film comes out peo­ple are going to really enjoy his per­for­mance. I’d have to say that with a pack­age of actors like this how can this film not break boundaries.


Read the full story at Water for Ele­phants Film

Leonardo DiCaprio's Advice to Rob

You have struggled for years to get rid of the reputation of teen idol. Do you have any suggestion for Robert Pattinson? The Twilightmania seems similar to the Titanic one…

RPattz (he pronounces it just like this, like his fans do) just has to keep on working hard. An actor must always be thankful when proposals come, it’s like winning the lottery every time. You must maintain the result, of course, but you must also seize opportunities to grow. But Robert already knows these things.

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October 2, 2010

New/Old Still of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from the French ‘Twilight’ Movie Companion

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Possible UK Release Date for Water For Elephants

Launch­ing Films — Film Dis­trib­u­tors Assosi­a­tion has the UK release date for Robert Pattinson’s Water For Ele­phants listed as 22 April 2011. All future release dates how­ever, are sub­ject to change and the sched­ule is updated weekly.

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Old/New Pics of Robert Pattinson & Charley Bewley in Italy and Video of Fans Speaking About Rob

Here are some old/new pics of Robert Pat­tin­son & Charley Bew­ley in Italy and a video of fans speak­ing about Robert.

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October 1, 2010

HQ Photo Shoot Outtakes of Robert Pattinson from “Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire”

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September 29, 2010

Old/New Pics of Rob from the MTV Awards 2010

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Sara Gruen Talks About WFE and Her Scene With Robert Pattinson

Author Sara Gruen is on a promo tour for her next book ‘Ape House’ and Rob­PattzNews went Mon­day night went she stopped in Seat­tle and got to ask her this ques­tion. She talks about her cameo in the film and what she says to Rob.

See the rest of her videos from the Q&A here.

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September 28, 2010

Newcomer Mackenzie Foy To Play Renesmee In 'Breaking Dawn'

Mackenzie-FoyIt’s a big day for Twihards. First Maggie Grace signs on to play Irina. Now has learned that little 9-year old Mackenzie Foy is inches away from signing on to play Renesmee, Edward and Bella’s vampire/human love child that’s a central role in the final installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

It’s not yet clear how the diminutive actress, who’s appeared in one episode each of television shows FlashForward and ‘Til Death, will portray the character who ages a full 17 years in only seven. Sources have suggested that director Bill Condon will employ similar digital effects to those used by David Fincher in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where Foy’s face would be digitally transferred onto the face of a younger child. It’s also probable that the studio will hire a younger child in some capacity, too.

Summit Entertainment is remaining mum on the issue. But to see Foy’s angelic face, which could very well be the offspring of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, check out her website.

Source: Hollywood Insider

September 26, 2010

New/Old Fan Pic with Rob from August 2009

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