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February 3, 2011

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I want to be free.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Robert Pattinson is highest earning British star of 2010

Article about the Vanity Fair – Hollywood’s Top 40 list


The phenomenal success of the “Twilight” films in which he plays a lovestruck vampire has helped him be named as highest earning British star of 2010.

Pattinson earned £18.3m last year to put him at 15th place on the annual Vanity Fair top performers list.

He beat more established stars such as Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Nicholas Cage to make the list for the first time.

According to a breakdown of his earnings by the magazine for its Oscar’s edition the bulk of the 24 year old’s money came from the latest Twilight film “Breaking Dawn” which has been filmed in two parts.

The actor, who began his film career in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” six years ago, was paid £8.3m for each of the films.

He also picked up a £1m payday for his next film “Water for Elephants” where he stars alongside Reese Witherspoon and £600,000 for starring in an forthcoming costume drama “Bel Ami”.

Pattinson, who has millions of female fans from playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, replaces another young British actor on the annual list compiled by Vanity Fair.

Last year Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was named as the sixth highest earner with £27m thanks to the final two films in the hugely successful franchise.

Pattinson’s co-stars in Twilight all feature in the top performers list with Kristen Stewart, 20, earning £19m and Taylor Lautner ninth on the list with £22.5.

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October 5, 2010

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Robert Pattinson's Magazine Covers By the Numbers

Reality Check on  Rob’s Details cover:The best-selling issue from the Jan/Jun 2010 rate base period, this sexy cover sold 67,000 copies…33% more than their overall average for the statement. It also sold 14% more copies than the same time slot in 2009. I’m sure the 10th Anniversary sky bar didn’t hurt the sale either.

According to ASME (American Society of Magazine Editors) copy, “Details wanted to, in the words of photographer Norman Jean Roy, transform Pattinson from “teen-idol vampire boy into a more adult version of himself.” To achieve that, creative director Rockwe

ll Harwood decided to rent a gothic mansion outside of Los Angeles, hire several female models who were willing to spend an entire day naked and dress a 23-year-old British heartthrob in high-end designer clothing.”

This dreamy December 2009 cover sold 405,000 copies, which will make any circulator’s heart start racing. According to ABC statistics, the average for the Jul/Dec 2009 period was 421,833, making this cover the second worst of their rate base period…4% below average. However, it sold a lot more than the December 2008 cover…27% more copies in fact…which featured a steamy Kate Winslet. I’m guessing Vanity Fair is quite happy with their Vampire cover’s performance. Big Sales.

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October 4, 2010

Screenplay "Confessions of a Justified Sinner"- In Robert Pattinson's Hands?

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In a recent interview Peter McDougall told The Herald Scotland that he has written a screenplay of James Hogg’s “Confessions of a Justified Sinner” and it’s in the hands of Robert Pattinson.

McDougall has written a screenplay of James Hogg’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner. “I’ve got Tommy Gormley, who’s directing in America now, (Star Trek, Independence Day) and people such as Patrick Doyle agreeing to do the music, and Connolly and Coltrane have agreed to put their names to it. It’s currently with Twilight star Robert Pattinson, and Kelly MacDonald, who are looking at it. If Pattinson agrees it should go ahead.”

This is what says about the book
One of the supreme masterpieces of Romantic fiction and Scottish literature, The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner is a terrifying tale of murder and amorality, and of one man’s descent into madness and despair. James Hogg’s sardonic novel follows a young man who, falling under the spell of a mysterious stranger who bears an uncanny likeness to himself, embarks on a career as a serial murderer. The memoirs are presented by a narrator whose attempts to explain the story only succeed in intensifying its more baffling and bizarre aspects. Is the young man the victim of a psychotic delusion, or has he been tempted by the devil to wage war against God’s enemies? The authoritative and lively introduction by Ian Duncan covers the full range of historical and religious themes and contexts, offers a richer and more accurate consideration of the novel’s relation to Romantic fiction than found elsewhere, and sheds new light on the novel’s treatment of fanaticism. Copious notes identify the novel’s historical, biblical, theological, and literary allusions.

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UPDATED: 'Twilight' Edward Cullen Still is Cropped Version of Old Still

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*Sorry about the confusion. I had never seen the above still but thanks to PattinsonStew (who is sourced below) we have solved the mystery. 😉

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Robert Pattinson in a Dutch Interview 'Eclipse' Edition- Scans+ Translation

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You are cur rently the most excit ing and pop u lar boy in the world!I try to some how to deal with, but I can’t. You become a lit tle para noid, but to be hon est it’s fan tas tic. I now have the oppor tu nity to make the movies that I want to make.That’s right. Because of the Twi light saga I’m always in the media. They con stantly ask me if I am not afraid that I’ll be ‘type-casted’. But I’m not afraid at all. Actu ally, it’s all about money. That’s how you will be ‘graded’. And if that fails, or if you want to do some thing else, like play ing small roles in smaller films, you will be ignored and for got ten. There is appar ently only one or the other extreme.Yes, I could. But I might not be in front of a cam era for ten years because I can’t find good roles. If you’re offered a role in an inde pen dent film, one you really want to play, there’s a chance that this movie will never be made because of finan cial rea sons. And that’s too bad!Noth ing spe cial would hurt me. I did not like the way New Moon was hyped. It was not about the movie, but about the brand. Chris Weitz is a fab u lous direc tor, I liked the film very much. That’s why I didn’t like that. I’ve been very lucky that I could play in this film.I remem ber read ing some where that I was preg nant. It was a story in a mag a zine. I think it was even on the front page.Noth ing. When I was in Lon don recently, I could do nor mal things, no one rec og nized me.Prob a bly.I wanted to go to an audi tion, with out every one instantly rec og niz ing me.I love Marc Jacobs. Actu ally I wear some thing from him at every pre miere. I believe that those are the only suits that actu ally fit me and look good on me. I also like cool and com fort able clothes. Prefer ably second-hand. I go to second-hand stores to buy new clothes. Funny, huh?Out side the United States it’s almost nonex is tent. But if I’m in the U.S., I can barely move freely. Every step is watched closely by mag a zines and com mented and there are paparazzi every where. I can’t even use the reg u lar door when I go to a pub or restaurant.What do you do when you’re in London?I’ve hardly been there in the last three years. I used to live in Soho. Much has changed. It seems they have closed all the places I liked at once — the shops, restau rants and cafes …I wasn’t scared, the entire city was taken over by Twi light fans and I had to take my shirt off dur ing film­ing. That made me inse cure and it was painful! After all, every one was watching.I admire Joaquin Phoenix and Ryan GoslingAlthough I became more self-confident and famous, it’s not eas ier! On the one hand, I am afraid to suc­ceed with a girl on the other hand, I am afraid to get rejected. It’s crazy really.Yes, I per formed three to four times a week live before Twi light! Unfor tu nately I have no time for that anymore.I love YouTube! I’m addicted to it!

Translation done by Thinking of Rob

UHQ Photos of Rob, Kristen, and Taylor from EW Shoot- 2009

Setje at Pattinsonlife

Screencaps of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'Twilight' Collage

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Why You Need to Listen to Director's Commentary on 'Remember Me' DVD

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  • In the opening Tyler scene, Rob’s tumble thru the window was his idea. They liked how it humanized him and made it a little comical.
  • They knew, bc of Rob’s rep with teens, the line “I can do teens” was going to be a laugh.
  • Rob would pick up the physical traits of the actors he was working with and Allen felt it was a delightful quality. Allen pointed out when Emily bites her lip at the carnival on their date and Rob does the same. When she tells him she’s 21.
  • Then Emily does a shoulder thing after he gives her the dessert first in his apartment and Rob does a shoulder thing too.
  • When Emily had to throw up, Rob almost laughs. He was amused by her getting sick. LOL
  • Allen loved the sex scene. Felt it was tender and erotic and he wanted them to have sex a 3rd time but time, money, and MPAA prevented it. Allen felt them making love, then waking to make love again showed the vigors of youth. He thought Rob and Emily looked beautiful in the scene.
  • Allen was impressed with Rob weeping after he gets attacked by Ally’s dad. He liked how Rob broke down.

There’s so much more too…if you haven’t already, you MUST listen to the director commentary from Remember Me. It’s insightful of Rob’s acting style, his overall personality, & the characterization of Tyler and company.

Tink’s Never Never Land on Tumblr | Source

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